British Schoolboy spanked OTK

It’s a pleasure to post this video clip featuring Craig, a young, cocky athlete from a fine school in England. Craig excels in football, rugby and he’s also a member of the school’s rowing crew, and naturally he is brimming with confidence, at times bordering on arrogance. After his behaviou gets the attention of his teachers and complaints surface about bullying, the headmaster springs into action and summons Craig to his chambers. Craig now plays the role of wounded deer, professing his innocence and promising exemplary behaviour in the future. Wise enough to know that students will promise the moon in order to escape punishment, the headmaster is unrelenting, and he bends the tall, muscualr athlete over his knee and delivers a terrific spanking, at first over his uniform shorts (love the high socks!) and then on the white underwear and finally the headmaster is spanking Craig’s bare ass. It’s a true, painful traditional British schoolboy spanking, and after the ordeal is over, Craig is certainly humbled and certainly more convinced to modify his behavior. Click here to see the full schoolboy corporal punishment video for yourself (membership required).

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  1. Henry Jackson