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Sissy boy toy screams during his corporal punishment

Eco is the very model of a boy in need of behavioral reform. He has an utter lack of discipline and self control, and his mistress has brought him to a professional disciplinarian for treatment. Eco is stripped naked and he feels ashamed of his ugly, skinny, pale little body. Scott, the discipline specialist hired for the tutorial starts swatting him on the backside with a metal ruler. A tiny 12″ ruler. Eco completely overreacts and begins screaming and freaking out. Discipline and punishment was never in more dire need! While Scott wrestles with the tantrum throwing brat, the camera focuses on the swelling redness on Eco’s buttocks, and the discipline finally beings to mark a mark, literally and figuratively. Eco begins calming down and absorbing the pain, even though he is still loudly vocalizing during his caning. I can’t believe the future of the world will some day be in the hands of Eco’s generation. Click here to watch the full video documentation of Eco’s corporal punishment (membership required)

sissy boy toy screams during his corporal punishment

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Welcome to Gay Corporal Punishment!

Welcome to my new blog, Gay Corporal Punishment — I am a huge fan of young men getting their backsides punished in the most painful ways possible, I have collected quite a few videos and pictures and I would love to share them with everyone. I am a big fan of the traditional style male-male corporal punishment: featuring a “Daddy” figure, be it a teacher, headmaster, police officer or some other authority figure; and I love watching the young, lithe tender young men receiving their sizzling punishments. I am not hung up on overtly sexual acts here…I focus mainly on strict corporal punishment, but from time to time I stray towards naughty, sexy play, especially between lads exploring their spanking fantasies. Here’s a video clip that was just released a few days ago from an American studio on the East Coast: it’s called Reluctant Young Men and the lad bent over the spanking bench is Ryan, and he is receiving whip lashes across his buttocks from Rich. Rich loves training young straight men, and Ryan soon breaks down and begs for mercy after getting lashed with the cane. See the welts and purple bruises on Ryan’s butt for yourself. His full, two part corporal punishment video archive is available for streaming and download for members at

handsome boy Ryan bent over and caned

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