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Sweetheart twink suffers through intense bare hand spanking

Jason has earned his punishment in this video…his behaviour has been out of control lately, and reports of rampant promiscuity have gotten back to his caregivers. What is a caring older brother to do when his younger sibling in careening wildly through life and undertaking risky behaviour that could potentially cause the family embarrassment? In Jason’s family, it calls for an old fashioned, hard spanking. Jason is stripped naked and told to lie down on a table. Older brother really delivers a clear, painful message with his bare hand. Jason grits his teeth and balls his fists to try and make it through the pain, but the spanking is relentless. Jason’s agony is apparent, hopefully his painful corporal punishment with be the catalyst for improved behaviour. If not, it’s likely we will see more of Jason’s intense corporal punishment videos in the future. Click here to watch Jason’s full length male corporal punishment video

sweetheart twink suffers through intense bare hand spanking

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Sissy boy toy screams during his corporal punishment

Eco is the very model of a boy in need of behavioral reform. He has an utter lack of discipline and self control, and his mistress has brought him to a professional disciplinarian for treatment. Eco is stripped naked and he feels ashamed of his ugly, skinny, pale little body. Scott, the discipline specialist hired for the tutorial starts swatting him on the backside with a metal ruler. A tiny 12″ ruler. Eco completely overreacts and begins screaming and freaking out. Discipline and punishment was never in more dire need! While Scott wrestles with the tantrum throwing brat, the camera focuses on the swelling redness on Eco’s buttocks, and the discipline finally beings to mark a mark, literally and figuratively. Eco begins calming down and absorbing the pain, even though he is still loudly vocalizing during his caning. I can’t believe the future of the world will some day be in the hands of Eco’s generation. Click here to watch the full video documentation of Eco’s corporal punishment (membership required)

sissy boy toy screams during his corporal punishment

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Christian Collins gets a red ass whoopin’

Christian Collins is trying hard to repress his rampant sexual urges while away at college. Its freshman year for him, and everywhere he looks, young, hot guys are getting wild and incredibly sexy. Christian is determined to get the most out of his educational opportunities and he is scared of succumbing to sexual temptation — if he starts screwing all of the hot dudes in his dorm, it will take over his life and he will surely end up flunking out and slinking back to his tiny home town with his hopes for the future dashed. Fortunately, there is a counselor that can help Christian fight his sexual urges and maintain his focus on his studies. Jeff Stern specializes in hard corporal punishment that reinforces discipline and keeps the mind from straying to thought of sexual dalliances. Christian is eager to try any therapy that will keep him focused on his studies instead of the studs running through the halls of his dorm half naked and he submits to Stern. Jeff starts out caressing Christian’s buttocks and taking off his shirt. He bends Christian over his knee and starts spanking his round twink ass with his bare hand. Stern pulls down his client’s jeans and spanks him over his underwear, and then pulls down the underwear to reveal his breathtaking ass, pale white skin, marked red from the punishment and warm to the touch, but still eager for more. Christian feels so turned on by the spanking, he wants more punishment to cure him of his destructive urges! Click here to see more video of Christian’s corporal punishment reform!

christian collins red ass

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Boys Paddling Boys

Sometimes the best way to teach a boy a lesson is to put a paddle, whip or cane in his hand and compel him to discipline his best mate for an infraction he committed alone, or they committed together. The school of thought is that the lad will be overcome with guilt and will learn obedience in an effort to relieve his guilt rather than to avoid pain. In many cases though, the strategy backfires and the lad enjoys wielding power and inflicting pain (either overtly or secretly) and his dominant, mischief-making tendencies will increase substantially. In this video demonstrating this discipline strategy between two teen lads from the Balkans, the young man administering the punishment is unsure of himself at first, but then more able and confident with each subsequent swing of the paddle. In the beginning, he behaves as if he were a metronome: slow, methodical and evenly paced paddle blows that are somewhat painful but not especially effective. As the vocalizations of his friend increase and his discomfort becomes apparent, it awakens a confidence and affinity for spanking in the lad. The strikes quicken and he starts changing the pacing of the blows: the spanking lad peppers his suffering friend’s buttocks with blows from the paddle to get a heightened response. In short, an adherent to corporal punishment is born. Click here to watch the full video of these lads exploring corporal discipline.

young man disciplined with wooden paddle

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Fit young man gets proper British Discipline

Traditionalists will tell you that the British Empire was built on discipline and respect, and those virtues were taught to proper young men starting at a tender age. The most common form of discipline was through corporal punishment, and the British favored Over the Knee spankings with bare hands or wooden paddles (if the rule breaking persisted, many headmasters, priests and professors resorted to canes to administer a more painful, and memorable, form of punishment). In this video, young Master Terry has earned the ire of his father, a traditionalist in the deepest sense, and despite the young man being 19 and a full head taller than him, Dad nonetheless lays him prostrate over his lap and spanks his buttocks firmly, first with his bare hand over the underwear, and then with a wooden hairbrush on his bare buttocks. As the punishment continues, and Terry doing his best to keep his emotions bottled up, the father loses a bit of his own emotional reservation, showing the joy he takes in the work and passionately spanking his boy’s bare ass with his hand with abandon, seeking the pained response of the fraught, tensed lad. Click here to watch the full length video of this fine young man spanked OTK.

fit young man gets proper British Discipline

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