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Sweetheart twink suffers through intense bare hand spanking

Jason has earned his punishment in this video…his behaviour has been out of control lately, and reports of rampant promiscuity have gotten back to his caregivers. What is a caring older brother to do when his younger sibling in careening wildly through life and undertaking risky behaviour that could potentially cause the family embarrassment? In Jason’s family, it calls for an old fashioned, hard spanking. Jason is stripped naked and told to lie down on a table. Older brother really delivers a clear, painful message with his bare hand. Jason grits his teeth and balls his fists to try and make it through the pain, but the spanking is relentless. Jason’s agony is apparent, hopefully his painful corporal punishment with be the catalyst for improved behaviour. If not, it’s likely we will see more of Jason’s intense corporal punishment videos in the future. Click here to watch Jason’s full length male corporal punishment video

sweetheart twink suffers through intense bare hand spanking

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