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Boys Paddling Boys


Sometimes the best way to teach a boy a lesson is to put a paddle, whip or cane in his hand and compel him to discipline his best mate for an infraction he committed alone, or they committed together. The school of thought is that the lad will be overcome with guilt and will learn obedience in an effort to relieve his guilt rather than to avoid pain. In many cases though, the strategy backfires and the lad enjoys wielding power and inflicting pain (either overtly or secretly) and his dominant, mischief-making tendencies will increase substantially. In this video demonstrating this discipline strategy between two teen lads from the Balkans, the young man administering the punishment is unsure of himself at first, but then more able and confident with each subsequent swing of the paddle. In the beginning, he behaves as if he were a metronome: slow, methodical and evenly paced paddle blows that are somewhat painful but not especially effective. As the vocalizations of his friend increase and his discomfort becomes apparent, it awakens a confidence and affinity for spanking in the lad. The strikes quicken and he starts changing the pacing of the blows: the spanking lad peppers his suffering friend’s buttocks with blows from the paddle to get a heightened response. In short, an adherent to corporal punishment is born.

young man disciplined with wooden paddle


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